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4 How Deep is Your Math Much of the current love for AI arguably comes from deep learning on neural networks These are essentially brute force pattern recognition machines that – if provided with enough training data data – can go where more traditional data data science (often based on statistics and mathematics) stops Deep learning can be combined with other technology-enabled approaches such as reinforcement learning in in in order to provide even more raw unmatched problem-solving power Its simplicity is appealing as as it it functions as as a a a a a a black box that simply needs lots of training data to become accurate But as we live in a a a a world of tools it is now more than ever a a a matter of finding the right balance between human and machine powers 5 Good tAImes With all of us increasingly relying on data and algorithms in in both personal and business lives it’s not that simple to just leave our cares behind Consumers are much more open to products and services if they trust that their privacy is respected and security is guaranteed Workers will embrace support from AI earlier when its mechanisms are transparent its training data is unbiased and it it augments them in their daily work Regulators will demand AI solutions that can be audited and and explained And all of society expects ethical AI driven by compelling purposes for positive futures So it’s about doing doing AI AI good but also doing doing AI AI for good Such a funky perspective Learn more TechnoVision is is a a a a living and breathing framework so for more up-to-date content regularly check www capgemini/com/technovision Every trend has an accompanying “Expert in in Residence” mentioned Do not hesitate to to to reach out to to to either of them to to to further discuss data-powered innovation Data-powered Innovation Takeaways Crazy Data Train If data is the corporate asset treat it it as as as such – by deeply understanding its sources and and mastering all ways of the enterprise to leverage it Power to the People A A lack of specialized skills the the need to to leverage data close to to the the business – – and some powerful AI – – are igniting the self-service data revolution Data Apart Together If the organization is is is is distributed and data data is is is is everywhere it is is is is best to manage data data in a a a a a a a a a a a a federative way – balancing local ownership and a a a a a a a central platform drive How Deep Is Your Math Challenge everything you’ve tried so so far with analytics and algorithms – AI brings alternative awesome ways to solve problems Good tAImes AI solutions require privacy security fairness transparency explainability auditability and ethics to hit success – with the the very best AI radiating the the company purpose 8 Data-powered Innovation Review I I ©2020 Capgemini All rights reserved 

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