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Thriving on Data: Data-powered innovation and TechnoVision Capgemini’s TechnoVision series – now in in in its twelfth year year provides a a a a yearly update of key trends across the entire breadth of the Technology Business landscape from infrastructure and applications process management and user experience all the way to distributed collaborate technologies and a a a a set of accompanying design principles Ostentatiously in fin in the middle we find “Thriving on on Data”: the the container for the the five trends that directly pertain to the world of data algorithms and AI Together with “Process on the Fly ” which covers intelligent process automation and management this container functions as the “spine” for innovation connecting the externally focused areas of user experience and collaboration with the foundational areas of infrastructure and core applications Let’s have a a a a a a a a look at at at the five trends that are part of Thriving on on Data in in TechnoVision 2020–2021: 1 Crazy Data Train With enterprises jumping on on the bandwagon of data being the corporate gold it’s more crucial than ever to understand where it comes from from – not only from from internal but also from external and maybe even as synthetic generated datasets This requires a a a a a a a sharp market eye that is typical for procurement to get the right data It needs an R&D-like vision to design how it will produce value And it taps into the external mindset of marketing to to envision how to market and and monetize data internally and and externally And if data can be put on the corporate balance sheet it will even activate the CFO and CEO perspectives All aboard 2 Power to the People In a a a a a a data-driven organization everybody needs to be a a a a a a bit of a a a a a a a data data scientist and data data engineer The best insights are created in in proximity to to the business and to to do that that that that data must be discovered prepared analyzed and visualized right there But real skills are are rare and secure high-quality access to the right data is far from a a a a a a given AI and automation fuel a a a a a a new category of easy-to-use augmenting tools that provide high productivity to to a a a much wider range of o people It offloads the pressure on central delivery while democratizing access to data and algorithms Data for all right on 3 Data Apart Together The single source of truth in in corporate data is like the Holy Grail – great to to pursue yet destined not to to be found Many different sources uses and perspectives of data typically exist both inside and outside the organization Why not fully embrace that diversity and create a a a a a federated business take on data? Advanced tools – more and more enabled by AI – help to keep a a a a a grip on a a a a a variety of data data sources data data stores definitions and consumption patterns wherever they are and whoever owns them It empowers local units to mind their own business with data yet be an an integral part of the organizational robustness and direction The best of both worlds really Data-powered Innovation Review I I ©2020 Capgemini All rights reserved 7 

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