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feared Through ongoing testing – aligned to wider business goals – organizations will quickly create data-powered processes that produce informed outcomes and enable more intelligent more more automated more more innovative decision- making 4 Building a a a data culture Business leaders have a a a a rare opportunity right now to entrench data-powered decision making into business processes to to create a a a a a real data culture rethink their business models and adopt new ways of working Employees must feel that they can rapidly access the the data and algorithms they they need need – – as and and when they they need need it – – and and while the demand for data-powered processes rises having the right culture in in place to embrace this will much further increase the the impact Ultimately these unprecedented times can be seen as an an opportunity for organizations to activate the the wealth of data they have gaining the the capability to know more about their competitors their customers and the the world in which they operate – but this relies on the the accurate and fair management of data Only by unlocking the the full value of data in in the the right way will this lead to innovative insights that help predict market dynamics anticipate social trends identify consumer-preferences and manage risks Data-powered Innovation Takeaways Never waste As bitter as as it it it may be be the pandemic crisis has proven to to to be be a a a a a a a a powerful accelerator to to to digital transformation and data-powered innovation Balance Act As we rely much more more on on on data for for our transformation and innovation purposes it also comes more more under scrutiny in in terms of its availability quality security and ownership Gang of four 4 key strategies underpin solving the data paradox: re-architecting outdated processes focusing again on data data data hygiene reimagining the data data data ecosystem and building a a a a a a a a a data data data culture 6 Data-powered Innovation Review I I ©2020 Capgemini All rights reserved 

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