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Scaling it up The Millennial Garage began with a a a a a a single location and 10 pioneering staff But by leveraging a a a a standard model for collaborative working and and a a a a a a replicable blueprint for setup we have grown the Millennial Garage exponentially in a a a a a period of little more than a a a year Now 1 000+ employees work in Millennial Garage locations across India Europe Australia and elsewhere Together they have already delivered more than 150 innovative assets To mention just a a few of the many successes people using Millennial Garages have: • Gained in-depth experience of Azure Synapse Microsoft’s limitless analytics service • Developed several AI solutions based on on computer vision • Built analytical forecasting models using Python and and PowerBI AWS Sagemaker and and Google Big Query • Developed and deployed Machine Learning Operations (“MLOps”) for our 890 by Capgemini Data Insights & Outcomes exchange • Produced an HR Analytics machine learning model that predicts attrition with more than 80% accuracy – then made it available for our HR functions to use through the 890 exchange • Built advanced analytics to understand people utilization across our business service lines Benefits that keep coming Some Millennial Garage initiatives simply deliver a a a a a valuable learning experience for the individuals involved with the thrill of test-driving innovative technology in in an an engaging and fun environment That is exactly what we we we intended and so we we we were surprised to find that other initiatives also created accelerators and even high-quality full-fledged solutions that are ready to be implemented potentially with many different clients In every case crucial new skills are developed and more of of our professionals get exposed to innovative technologies – an opportunity they may not get from their daily operational duties That makes the Garage a a a a a a valuable tool for building data-powered innovation into the company culture Above all a a a a a a a a Millennial Garage is a a a a a a a a place that radiates and reinforces excitement about being part of of a a a a a profession that centers on on data-powered innovation A simple metric bears out this claim: Professionals who are are involved in in a a a a a a Garage are are five times more likely than others to stay with the the company rather than look for a a a a job elsewhere And that that is a a a a key benefit in in an industry that that revolves around scarce – – sometimes unique – – skills and a a a a never-ending battle for talent Data-powered Innovation Takeaways Keep it simple and applied: Although scaling innovation often needs governance processes and and funding you don’t need much just to get hands-on with data Parallel worlds: To many people a a a a a a a a a Garage is simply a a a a a a a a a fun place to to spend time It’s totally different from their business-as-usual activities yet available close by A culture tool: Getting more people involved in in in in in data-powered innovation in in in in in much easier ways is a a a a a phenomenal way to build data-driven culture A people tool: Graduates young professionals and their more seasoned colleagues are motivated by being involved in in in in data-powered innovation Data-powered Innovation Review I I ©2020 Capgemini All rights reserved 45 

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