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Millennial Garage – Putting data- powered innovation into practice People who work in in technology often come up with innovative ideas That’s true whether we have only just started on on our our professional journey or are already well on our way And it’s truer than ever nowadays with data analytics and AI providing a a a a a a constant stream of new possibilities In fact it it is is often the prospect of of innovating in in in this way that initially attracts graduates and young professionals to a a a career in technology Unfortunately though we don’t always have the chance to to pursue our our innovative ideas due to to our our other responsibilities which typically have a a a strong operational focus What’s more developing ideas takes people infrastructure guidance execution capabilities and of course time – all scarce resources So after that flash of inspiration it’s all too easy just to to to go back to to to our daily routines and reluctantly put innovation on on a a a a a a back burner A new way to to progress from idea to to innovation However professional experience teaches us that when people are truly passionate about ideas they always find ways to to bring them to to fruition Capgemini’s Millennial Garage provides a a a a compelling illustration of this truth The first Millennial Garage location opened only last year in in Mumbai with the aim of making it it much easier for our professionals to get involved in in data-powered innovation innovation It offers an innovation innovation platform together with a a a a a a collaborative space where ideas are brought to life in a a a fun accessible environment and new technologies and platforms can easily be explored A Millennial Garage is enabled by up-to-date infrastructure and and software and and contains everything needed to get busy with the latest in data analytics and AI In constructing the first one we drew on on on vast experience gained from our client-focused Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) network This experience enabled us to rapidly create a a a a a a learning exploring and experiencing engine for our people Whenever one of of our professionals takes an innovative idea into the the Millennial Garage they encounter no barriers to moving it it forward They can partner with like-minded people to enhance their idea and work with graduates and young professionals to develop it further and bring it to life in in in the form of innovation Exceeding our own expectations When the first Garage location opened we mainly had fresh graduates in in mind as the target audience (hence the the “Millennial” part of the the name) However we we we were soon pleasantly surprised to see more experienced professionals from operational practice units join in in as well – even when client commitments meant they had to do it in their own time People from across the organization came in to learn something new and at the same time quickly found themselves mentoring others The Millennial Garage became the center of of an ecosystem of of people ideas training and new technologies And it was all driven by everybody’s sheer determination to get hands-on with data-powered innovation 44 Data-powered Innovation Review I I ©2020 Capgemini All rights reserved 

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