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greater personalization for learners – which means greater effectiveness The road ahead How can organizations plan design and execute a a a a robust and responsive skills program that is comprehensive enough to cover the ever- widening requirements of the entire workforce yet nimble enough to to adapt to to rapidly changing technologies? The answer lies both in the effective use of emerging technologies to help enable the skills planning process and in in maintaining constant human touch with the process with mentoring playing a a a much larger role than it has in the past The time is right for companies to adjust their talent strategy to take advantage of the current under-utilized talent and plan for medium-term benefits through them This approach will bring purpose and stability in the near term while enabling the companies to become more efficient innovate faster and increase job satisfaction In the the medium term the the only way forward is to create an ecosystem of technology enablers and bring on board the right learning partners to produce and deliver digital content rapidly to a a a a broad base of employees Tackling the upskilling challenge well now will benefit both the the employees and their employers – not just during the pandemic but also when this is is all over Data-powered Innovation Takeaways New jobs new skills: AI intelligent automation and other innovative often data-powered technologies are driving an an era of new new jobs that demand new new skills Say what ? A plethora of technical personal and industry-specific skills must be continuously monitored to to keep track of what is and soon will be relevant Say how ? AI and and and data-driven technologies come to the the rescue in in in understanding and and and mastering the the highly complex landscape of of demand and and and supply of of skills Says who ? The new reality of of working demands a a a a a a different mix of of learning methods and and tools – and and through that other teachers and and mentors may enter the the arena Data-powered Innovation Review I I ©2020 Capgemini All rights reserved 43 

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