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COVID-19 and unlocking the true potential of data Crises are often catalysts for change and and and COVID-19 is no different The pandemic has increased our reliance on digital technologies and dependency on on data on on a a a a vast scale leading to years of innovative transformation taking place in in just a a a a a few months Organizations need to to address how their data is sourced stored and used so so that they can accelerate their digital transformation with the the the future in in mind Article originally published on Business Chief EMEA But this has also presented a a a a a a data dilemma On the one hand data has underpinned every aspect of our response to the pandemic helping international bodies and and national governments to understand the spread of the the virus and the the best route to recovery for example the the search for a a a a vaccine thrives on the the free flow and sharing of data data Also enterprises rely on data data to adjust as as well as as they can to the the reality of a a a a a a highly virtualized yet volatile and unpredictable business environment On the the other hand data-informed decisions are being met with with skepticism with with citizens and academics often failing to believe in in the quality and accuracy of the the virus-related data presented And the the situation is nothing much better within the corporate boundaries even with data being pivotal to key business processes This isn’t anything new Both public health bodies and businesses have been trying to create insights for years based on broad and generic data sets that are often incomplete inaccurate or don’t have the necessary granularity to enable an an effective leverage 4 Data-powered Innovation Review I I ©2020 Capgemini All rights reserved 

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