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AI ethics and IBM Watson OpenScale AI AI is a a a a a a a a a a a a powerful tool for innovation and competitive advantage Yet many organizations are struggling to put large-scale AI AI solutions into production A A major inhibitor is is distrust of AI models Many business stakeholders simply do not trust AI This is is especially prevalent within regulated industries such as banking insurance and healthcare “ because the AI model said so so ” does not resonate particularly well with customers business stakeholders or or industry regulators The perception of of lack of of AI ethics can damage brand image and lead to to to customer flight Close to to to half of consumers believe that they have experienced the the impact of an an ethical issue Nearly nine in in 10 organizations globally have encountered ethical issues resulting from the use of AI over the past two to three years At the same time we are seeing fines being levied by various regulatory bodies for biased treatment of customers and lack of transparency Clearly addressing AI ethics is now a a a a business imperative Key elements that must be considered include: • Explainability: Can I explain why the loan was turned down? • Bias: Is the AI model outcome biased based on age gender or geographical location? • Drift: Does the model output change over time? How can I detect this drift? • Auditability: Allowing third parties to assess the inputs and verify that the AI output can be trusted Watson OpenScale Validate and monitor AI models deployed anywhere to to help comply with regulations address internal safeguards and mitigate business risk Monitoring for compliance and safeguards l l Mitigate biased model behavior l l l Explain model decisions l l l Validate and control risk Ensure that models are resilient to change l Detectdriftduringruntime l l Generatespecificmodel retraining inputs Align model performance with business outcomes l l l Correlate model metrics and business KPIs l l Actionable metrics and alerts 38 Data-powered Innovation Review I I ©2020 Capgemini All rights reserved 

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