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tangible and substantial business improvements can be achieved for example: • €10m savings on training plus improved results • 65% increase in in CRM user adoption rate • 90% increase in in sales proposals Although IDCM is a a new concept that relies on on breakthrough technologies platforms such as InsideBoard are already mature Ready to be deployed for for any transformation InsideBoard can provide: • Increased engagement – AI-recommended content boosts employee engagement • Improved transparency – Near real-time metrics allows stakeholders to track transformation progress • Lowered costs – Automated digital workflows enable the delivery of training and communication initiatives at at at low cost speeding up rollouts • Measured capability maturity – Certification of knowledge stages for employees together with aggregated metrics provides a a a heatmap of the maturity of key capabilities • Demonstrable ROI– Measuring the impact of change initiatives improves buy-in as well as the accuracy of transformation planning Getting started with IDCM Rolling out an IDCM platform such as InsideBoard is itself a a a change process and needs to be executed in iterative steps The starting point should be a a a pilot project that proves the the concept validates the the technology and demonstrates the business benefits After the the pilot the the way forward lies in gradual scaling to aggregate more data from a a a a a a a wider range of business applications and organizational entities accumulating more content and richer metrics each time This way the organization is is motivated by finding itself progressively better equipped to cope with its dynamic transformation landscape Data-powered Innovation Takeaways Data to deal with data: Today’s transformation programs generate a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a flood of data data and that is hard to cope with but that same data also brings new answers Employees are consumers: The data- and AI-driven personalization that is compelling for consumers also engages employees involved in in transformation Transformation is is learning: Over time as more more and and more more data is is captured and and processed about more more more and more more more transformations each subsequent transformation transformation becomes more more more successful Data-powered Innovation Review I I ©2020 Capgemini All rights reserved 37 

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