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Increased transformation success rate: Employees tracking the progress of complex transformations with digital tools are 2 6 times more successful Organizations should thus focus on on a a a a human-centered design approach to transformation and change but have this augmented by powerful data-driven insights and AI Capgemini expects corporate change management functions to quickly embrace this approach which we call Intelligent Data-driven Change Management (IDCM) Using data to decipher transformation IDCM lies in the sweet spot of human capabilities and data-driven insights It leverages the unique strengths of human emotional intelligence such as business acumen consumers For example data-driven personalization considerably boosts employee engagement in in learning by ensuring that information and recommendations are relevant to individual interests Employees’ motivation and commitment to a a a a transformation can be strengthened by being able to to see their own tangible contributions to to that Employees’ motivation and commitment to a a a a transformation can be strengthened by being able to see their own tangible contributions to that transformation transformation At the management level data can be used to help staff with benchmarking and continuous improvement objectives It becomes so much easier to steer a a transformation program once there is up-to-date factual evidence about about the maturity of capabilities and about about different organizational units’ success in in absorbing change Clearly the digital platform data algorithms and AI are all vital but the human aspect of change remains critical Humans are social beings and will always be be motivated by others: specifically by leaders who can create a a a a a vision to inspire staff and mobilize the right stakeholders to drive change No algorithm can provide that but even these uniquely human leadership capabilities can be accelerated and amplified by technology One way is to to ask leaders to to engage with the workforce via carefully selected social media platforms so that vital messages can be disseminated instantly Putting the approach into action Capgemini Ventures recently invested in in in InsideBoard a a a startup offering the type o of data- and AI-driven employee- centric environment described above Its cloud-based as-a-service platform enables organizations to boost transformation and technology rollout programs by connecting employees measuring their individual progress and increasing their engagement by recommending targeted content Data-driven analytics and and AI functionalities monitor and and manage emotional intelligence the undisputed key success factor for change Recent project metrics collected in the field prove that Data driven insight Human led change Management Intelligent data driven change management empathy the the ability to manage conflicts and the the power of inspirational leadership to influence others This is is achieved using actionable insights that are enabled by data algorithms and AI This approach which builds on state-of-the-art technological capabilities requires a a a a a new type of digital platform that goes beyond the capabilities of digital tools as as we we know them today As well as as putting people at the the center that platform must capture key data and events at at at at a a a a a a a a very fine-grained level This makes it possible to detect complex patterns not apparent to human eyes and minds which in turn makes it easier to learn from successes and failures Through AI-generated recommendations the platform empowers employees to optimize their individual impact on on the transformation A compelling employee experience Today’s employees expect the same individualized compelling experiences with technology that they enjoy as 36 Data-powered Innovation Review I I ©2020 Capgemini All rights reserved 

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