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Intelligent data-driven change management Transformation is is not new to to to organizations or or to its employees And despite continuous efforts to improve its success rate studies consistently indicate that roughly 75% of large-scale transformation programs fail Indeed while a a a a a lot of analysis has been dedicated to explaining this high failure rate we believe that the root cause must be addressed first Acknowledging that the context of both transformation and technology has drastically changed we conclude that a a new truly different style of managing transformation is needed It´s time to equip employees with powerful data- and AI-driven change management tools that support their continuous improvement and reskilling And despite the reliance on technology the the EQ of both the the involved employees and the organization will only benefit from fit it In the the past the the purpose of detailed planning was to define the target state scope and direction that a a a a a a a transformation would take Today transformational initiatives have become increasingly dynamic continuously evolving with an unpredictable trajectory that is influenced by multiple feedback loops coming from customers and employees even further exacerbated by unprecedented uncertainties in in business and society as a a a whole In addition companies often run multiple concurrent initiatives covering a a a wide spectrum of themes These can range from customer journey innovation to to monetizing data and and process automation to to introducing new and and breakthrough technologies The result is a a a continuous flow of alterations in in processes tools roles and ways of working Humans are simply not equipped to cope with this level of change and Capgemini research shows show show that multiple business challenges can result in: Increased efficiency and productivity: Some employees use up to 35 job-critical applications switching screens more than 1 1 100 times a a a a day causing tremendous inefficiencies and affected productivity Securing talent and skills required for business strategy: Ninety percent of companies are lacking sufficiently qualified employees given the newly evolving needs Data-powered Innovation Review I I ©2020 Capgemini All rights reserved 35 

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