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Spotlight a a tool developed by a a non-profit organization Thorn helps law enforcement find trafficking victims sooner The tool condenses escort information appearing online into a a a a a format format that can be used to identify people easier and faster Using machine learning and deep learning-based image and video analysis the tool has helped officers in the US identify 31 197 victims of of human trafficking – 9 380 of of them children • Energy savings in in data center operations Data centers need to be kept cool – excess heat must be removed to keep the servers running The cooling of the components is a a major cost driver To date solutions for tackling this cooling problem have even involved relocating data centers to locations with cooler climates To solve this cooling problem Google along with DeepMind Alphabet Inc ’s subsidiary leveraged an AI platform known as AlphaGo originally developed to challenge the world’s best players of the Go board game After applying this approach Google realized a a a a 40% reduction in costs related to cooling after applying this approach to its data centers In today’s disrupted and fast-changing markets innovation is is not a a a a “nice to have” – it is is a a a a “must- have” to stay relevant With the proliferation of data and the use of artificial intelligence organizations now have a a a a rich opportunity to drive ambitious innovations at at scale But this will not happen if organizations look at at at data-powered innovation in in in silos Maximizing impact means embedding a a a a data-powered innovation culture within the the fabric of the the business and making this approach a a a a a a a a critical capability and practice in the enterprise’s innovation system Data-powered Innovation Takeaways An era era of acceleration: As evidenced by research organizations are increasingly using data as as a a a a a a a a a basis for innovation and and decision-making further accelerated by the the pandemic crisis Data for business business model model innovation: A data-powered business business model model converts data data and and insights into monetizable assets and and this is is is no longer just the domain of disruptive startups Data for product product innovation: New products are introduced and existing ones enhanced through new features built on data and algorithms Data Data for for social innovation: Data Data and algorithms can be leveraged for for a a a a a a a a a a a more inclusive more sustainable world Access Capgemini Research Institute’s ‘The data-powered enterprise’ report here 34 Data-powered Innovation Review I I ©2020 Capgemini All rights reserved 

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