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Today’s innovation culture is data-powered In today’s age of disruption organizations look at at at at at at at at at data data as as as as as as as their most powerful asset for for creating superior customer experiences optimizing operations and and discovering new and and disruptive business propositions Organizations are increasingly using data as as as a a a a a a a a a a a basis for innovation and decision making Back in in 2018 that that was not always the the case: research we conducted then found that that only 38% of organizations were actively promoting data-driven decision making But today the approach has shifted with the the majority – – 50% – – putting data at at the the heart of decision making (see Figure 1) At the the same time today we find that over two-thirds of organizations (67%) say they actively promote new ideas and experimentation at at all levels – a a a a a a a huge jump up from 2018’s 33% Figure 1: Organizations powered by data and a a a a a a a culture of innovation 38% 50% We actively promote data-driven decision-making Source: Capgemini Capgemini Research Institute “Understanding digital mastery today ” N=750 organizations July 2018 Capgemini Capgemini Research Institute “Organizational transformation agenda survey ” N=1000 organizations June 2020 Capgemini Research Institute Data-powered enterprises survey August 2020 N=1 004 organizations 32 Data-powered Innovation Review I I ©2020 Capgemini All rights reserved We actively promote the exploration of new ideas and experimentation at at at all levels 67% 33% 2018 2020 2018 2020 

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