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upload their pictures This will scale up up the the research capabilities and maybe lead to finding new new matches and discovering surprising new new insights about these beautiful creatures Capgemini’s collaboration with the United Nations at at the AI For Good summit – where it it joined as partners in in in AI for for Good – reinforces our firm belief that AI can be be be used to benefit the world Using AI ethically and sustainably will be even more relevant for the the industry in in the the future as stated in the the recent report AI and the the Ethical Conundrum by the Capgemini Research Institute Finally planning for the 2021 GDSC is already underway with an exciting new project focusing on the world’s oceans and how climate warming and other stressors caused by human activities contribute to changes in the ocean’s environment More Goodness is on on the way Lisa is is a a a a a a a a senior researcher who studies the movements of sperm blue and and humpback whales and and has earned much appreciation globally She is associated with Capgemini for the Global Data Science Challenge 2020 to to create AI that automates the task of identifying specific whales & enabling Lisa and team to to work with the the government to to formulate protection policies for for the the whales Data-powered Innovation Takeaways AI AI does good: AI AI has many many different different applications in in in many many different different fields but it certainly shines most where it helps to create a a a a more inclusive sustainable future Unleashing human energy: The best uses of AI are created in in a a a a a a a close collaborative alignment between the the human and technology sides of the the equation Good Good for for skills: Using AI for for Good Good not only delivers benefits to society but is also an excellent catalyst for building the the differentiating technology skills of the the future Transfer period: Models that have been developed for a a a a a a a a certain subject matter area should always be considered for transfer to other adjacent areas Data train running: A A successful AI algorithm largely depends on the supply of suitable training data if possible even crowdsourced to the general public Data-powered Innovation Review I I ©2020 Capgemini All rights reserved 31 

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