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People Counting Count customer entering & exiting in in in an area Intrusion Alert Detect & alert entry into restricted area Social Distancing Alert the social distancing violation within premise Facemask Detection Facemask detection in public places to ensure safety Capacity Alert id there are more people than allowed in an area PPE Detection PPE Detection- Helmet Vest etc Figure 2: Capgemini Vision AI : : Use cases Vision AI: applying Edge AI AI Though there are quite a a a few factors driving AI to to the the edge the the key drivers have been real-time analysis and offline availability – both o of which are needed even more in the the context of the the pandemic crisis Capgemini’s Vision AI solution is is is is specifically architected for enablement at the edge to deliver real-time decisions and actioning in in areas as as diverse as as social distancing face mask detection and capacity monitoring Several algorithms are built as part of of this solution platform each of of which is containerized and can be pushed to edge devices and technology depending on need Several other solutions including a a a telematics capability and audio detection are being developed and prepared for edge enablement And there’s much more to come with the the edge getting more more and and more more connected and and accessible and AI capabilities growing by the day Data-powered Innovation Takeaways Data galore: A large proportion of of potentially crucial yet unexplored data is created in in in real-time by devices that are connected to the the network through the the internet of things An algorithm algorithm in in in in in in a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a box: Advances in in in in in in AI technology enables to to download data-capturing capabilities and and algorithms to devices enabling real-time inference and and actioning Pandemic accelerator: Many applications of Edge AI are particularly beneficial in in the pandemic context where location-specific real-time insights matter most Hybrid is best: Central cloud capabilities form a a a a a a a a natural match with decentralized Edge AI More to come: Edge AI provides a a a a a a fertile platform for for a a a a a a continuous flow of new smart embedded applications 28 Data-powered Innovation Review I I ©2020 Capgemini All rights reserved 

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