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business operations which in in turn can enable automated actions as they embed knowledge of how to act in in various business situations Today the effectiveness of decision-making is is becoming more more and more more dependent on AI augmentation Very soon this dependency will become a a a a a necessity Automated and accelerated decisions will drive more responsive actions Connecting actions into processes and systems for execution is the final element that will drive the kind of frictionless hyper-automation that a a a a next-generation organization requires Just as autonomous vehicles can sense judge and act to to enable self-driving so too will modern business operations Welcome to the self-driving enterprise Data-powered Innovation Takeaways Too much to handle: The data that underpins every business decision is is getting so complex – – if only in in its sheer volume and diversity – – that technology-augmented decision-making is is a a a a a necessity Human obstructing: Despite the help of technology many key data-powered decisions are still made manually limiting both scope and responsiveness The AI AI digital twin: AI AI systems that sense capture analyze and act on data points are a a a a a a a a a a a virtual copy of a a a a human in in a a a a business context Looking ahead: The ability to to predict and recommend combined with the automation features to execute based on these insights makes AI truly augment the the human element in in enterprise processes Learning how to drive: Provided with enough training data and real-life experience AI systems can stepwise become more proactive and execute within a a a a growing number of enterprise processes and activities Hands off: The pinnacle o of combining AI intelligent automation and and the IoT is a a a a a a a fully autonomous self-optimizing self-learning self-driving business Data-powered Innovation Review I I ©2020 Capgemini All rights reserved 19 

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