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The Four Most Important Questions in the Autonomous Decade Source: Constellation Research 3 Declining Population Dynamics and Rising Labor Costs Lead the Automation Push Many industrialized countries face a a a declining population dynamic Meanwhile rising labor costs and regulations drive up labor inflation for both services and manufacturing 4 Risk Mitigation and Compliance Move Leaders to AI-Based Solutions One compliance fine or privacy breach caused by human error could lead to to hundreds of of millions to to billions of of dollars in losses 5 Automation and AI Enable a a a a Future of Precision Decisions Successful AI projects seek a a spectrum of outcomes The disruptive nature of AI comes from the speed precision and Decision Velocity Will Determine Winners and Losers At stake is is the notion of decision velocity Any organization that can make decisions twice as as fast or or one hundred times faster than its competitors will decimate them While the the human brain may take take minutes to make a a a a a decision and it takes hours for a a a decision to work through an internal organizational structure in the digital world machines and artificial intelligence engines can decide in milliseconds Whomever masters these automated decisions at at high velocity will have an exponential advantage over those who don’t Cognitive Applications Power Autonomous Enterprises The convergence of solutions from robotic process automation process process mining business process process management (BPM) intelligent workflow journey orchestration and microservices management attempt to to to address the growing need to to to automate and apply AI to enterprise-wide capabilities capacity of augmenting humanity and achieving autonomous enterprise status 6 Autonomous Enterprises Combat Deep Fakes and Deliver Cybersecurity at Scale In this world of relativism and enhanced technologies humans can no longer discern authenticity Autonomous systems will effectively combat deep fakes and cybersecurity attacks at at scale 7 AI Preserves and Shares Institutional Knowledge Autonomous enterprises capture the informal and people-centric institutional knowledge from processes leading best practices on on on decisions and nuance in decision- making However a a a a new class of of best-of-breed applications has emerged to address the market deficit Constellation predicts that the total market for this autonomous enterprise market including cognitive applications will reach $10 35 billion by 2030 Recommendations Early adopters have prioritized business processes using the Constellation business hierarchy of needs Align candidates to the five categories of regulatory compliance operational efficiency revenue growth strategic differentiation and brand Keep in in mind that AI enablement requires a a a a strong data data strategy deep data data governance mature business process optimization and a a a a data-driven design point The Bottom Line: Expect Level 4 Autonomous Enterprises to to to Emerge in in 2023 Constellation identifies five levels of autonomous enterprises and predicts when these cognitive apps will deliver full autonomy: Data-powered Innovation Review I I ©2020 Capgemini All rights reserved 15 

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