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The Quest for Autonomous Enterprises The pressure to to to reduce margins technical debt and investment in in core systems creates tremendous incentives for the automated enterprise Customers seek cognitive-based approaches to build a a a a true foundation for automation and artificial intelligence-driven precision decisions The immediate benefits include less staffing reduced errors smarter decisions and security at scale The long-term benefits include decision velocity dynamic feedback loops and sentient systems The quest for an autonomous enterprise starts with a a a desire to to consider what decisions require intelligent automation versus human judgement While the human brain may take minutes to make a a a decision and it takes hours for a a decision to work through an an internal organizational structure in the digital world machines and artificial intelligence engines can decide in in milliseconds Organizations Demand Intelligent Automation of Processes and and Precision Decisions Almost every organization has sought the ability to intelligently automate their processes as part of critical operational efficiency initiatives From campaign to lead order to to to cash procure to to to pay incident to to to resolution and hire to retire no no department is immune and no no business process is exempt While these efforts to to automate often start with cost savings they can evolve into something more The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) components such as natural language processing computer vision machine learning (ML) and neural networks present opportunities to to instrument fully autonomous capabilities that have strategic and long-ranging impacts Seven forces drive the the quest for autonomous capabilities in the the enterprise: 1 Post-Pandemic Priorities Emphasize Agility and and Business Continuity Organizations expect to increase their investment in in in in agility and business continuity 2 EBITDA Pressures Drive the Autonomous Decade The ongoing battle to to address short-term quarter-to- quarter profitability and the scarcity o of top talent gives companies an an incentive to to to invest in in in automation to to to augment the labor force Every organizational leader must determine when to trust the judgment of a machine machine augment augment a a a a a a a a machine machine with a a a a a a a a human augment augment a a a a a a a a human human with a a a a a machine and trust human human ingenuity 14 Data-powered Innovation Review I I ©2020 Capgemini All rights reserved 

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