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e-commerce e-commerce If you look at the e-commerce e-commerce channels in in the US what took 8 years in in terms of penetration was achieved in 8 weeks According to the the “COVID-19 and the the financial services consumer” publication by the Capgemini Research Institute in fin the financial services sector the pandemic is driving a a a a surge in in digital payments and digital channel adoption (such as through chatbots) has accelerated The tourism industry in in China is finding new ways to to engage customers through touchless payments self-check-in check-out with facial recognition robot delivery of goods from outside the hotel Also live streaming of wild life site has attracted thousands of viewers Off-course data analytics and AI are playing a a key role in in in in delivering these business model innovations Landscape questions The pandemic challenges C-suite executives to think creatively and ask key questions about their innovation maturity and current data AI & analytics landscape: • What does a a a a digital picture look like that addresses my new business challenges? • How can I accelerate my innovation agenda with data AI & analytics? • What data-powered innovation uses cases should I address first? • What does a a a a framework for continuous scaled innovation look like? • What is the potential for reimagined business models powered by data AI & analytics? Companies need to to pivot to to an an even more innovative creative mindset particularly around the use of data analytics and AI Innovative applications of of technology around the use of of AI for crowdsensing and social distancing contact- less user experience digital and online channels for growth frictionless fulfillment of supply chains workforce analytics analytics video analytics analytics and image recognition all powered by data are emerging Innovation and creativity under constraints posed by this pandemic will differentiate the winners going forward Data-powered Innovation Takeaways Viral accelerator: Painful times as as it has brought the pandemic also proves to to to be an an accelerator accelerator to digital transformation initiatives that until now have been stalling Real-time really: The availability of real-time data - - - also to feed analytics and algorithms at at the edges of business – is pivotal to deal with many pandemic challenges Ready to reimagine: Powered by data analytics and and AI brand-new opportunities emerge for breakthrough ‘mid- and post-COVID’ business models Landscape view: Executives need to assess their current digital and and and data landscape on its readiness for data-powered innovation in in in COVID times Data-powered Innovation Review I I ©2020 Capgemini All rights reserved 11 

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