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Several innovative business models thus have already emerged High Low Low Extent of Creativity High Source: Internal Analysis + Capgemini Research titled “The Consumer and COVID -19” Alibaba I I Resource Leasing Platform I I Surge in in Demand Walmart I Fluid workforce Aldi & McDonalds I Shared Labor Model Carrefour I Partner with Uber Eats ITC I I Partner with Dominos Lyft I Partner with Amazon Online Channels I I I Decathlon IKEA I I I ecommerce penetration Nike Trainings Club I CX Engagements Nestle digital campaign I CX Engagement Morrisons I I Food Box Initiative Bundle- based Sales Albert Heijn I Mobile Self-Check According to the recent “The Consumer and COVID-19” publication by the the Capgemini Research Institute there are several examples of business model innovation in in in the CPRD sector Shared-labor models - - In this model model “idle” employees from other sectors are temporarily hired by retailers to to meet the surge in in demand for services such as online deliveries Germany’s discount supermarket chain Aldi has leased staff from McDonald’s in the current crisis Alibaba introduced a a a “resource leasing model” designed to share manpower and is developing a a a a a a a digital platform to manage shared manpower and integrate the resource leasing model into their ongoing operations Such platforms can be used for flexible COVID-related personnel matching purposes particularly in cases where one sector is looking at a a a surge in in in demand wherein other sectors people are redundant Bundle-based sales - - Selling fixed bundles of the most commonly purchased products not only only helps to manage logistics but also ensures easy billing In the UK Morrisons has introduced a a a a food box initiative where shoppers pay one price for a a box full of essentials Delivery partnerships – In France Carrefour and Uber Eats partnered to provide home deliveries Users were able to to select a a a Carrefour convenience store on on the Uber Eats app or or website to order the the products of their choice including everyday grocery shopping as as well as as hygiene and and cleaning products and and get deliveries at home within 30 minutes on on average by a a a delivery person using the Uber Eats application In the US ride-sharing firm Lyft partnered with Amazon for package and grocery deliveries India-based consumer product firm ITC partnered with pizza-delivery Domino’s Additionally retailers have scaled adoption of digital and contactless payment services and are focusing on on innovative and personalized customer engagement through virtual apps For example Nike has developed a a a a a training app to to engage its customers For Nestle India their entire innovation funnel is changing Nestle has accelerated digital engagements across key parts of its portfolio and has put out innovative digital campaigns to engage with consumers There is also a a a surge in 10 Data-powered Innovation Review I I ©2020 Capgemini All rights reserved Complexity of Challenges 

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